Actual Litters

Our litter G1, 1 ruddy girl from Asante of Bahir Dar and Mon Amour La Traa, born 5 January 2024.

Our litter G2, 3 boys and a girl all ruddy, from Asante of Bahir Dar and Paepeghembos Elly, born 12 February 2024.

Our litter G3, 2 sorrel boys, a ruddy girl and 2 sorrel girls from Asante of Bahir Dar and Ophelia vom Dosenmoor, born 15 February 2024.

Kitten Policy

We do not sell kittens via Internet. You can only take an option for a particular kitten.

We reserve kittens only after a non-binding introductory visit, a subsequent mutual agreement and payment of the agreed deposit. During your visit we might ask some very direct questions. The purpose being that we want to make sure that our little ones move to a loving and everlasting home. This introductory visit can be scheduled after the kitten has reached 8 weeks. A few days after its first set of vaccinations. We count on your understanding not to visit a cat show or another cattery just before visiting our cattery. Just to avoid transmitting anything to your kitten as it will not be fully protected until after the second vaccination. If practicable (distance) you may want to visit us more than once to get to know your future pet better, to see it grow up and to get to know us better. We will also regularly post pictures and possibly video recordings on our website.

A Somali kitten is very playful and affectionate. Therefore, our preference is always to select new owners who already have a cat and/or people who spend much time at home. In addition, a fenced garden or a cat enclosure, where the kitten can safely romp and enjoy the outdoors, would be an additional advantage. We do not sell kittens to people who want to let the cat run free outside!

Once you have collected the kitten it would please us immensely to receive occasionally some information on its well being. Sending some pictures would be top.

The kitten

Can leave us no earlier than 14 weeks. By that time it will have been dewormed 3 times. And fully protected (twice vaccinated) against cat flu and distemper. It is chipped and has a pet passport with vaccination data. It is free of fleas and/or parasites. We are required by the Belgian law to castrate or sterilize the kitten if you could not submit an recognition certificate as hobby breeder of the service dierenwelzijn and do live in Belgium.

If you live abroad it will be vaccinated against rabies. Subsequently you will not be able to collect it before 15 weeks (21 days after the rabies vaccination was administered for most countries).

We will give you a guarantee contract which determines the conditions of refund in the unlikely event of a mishap. We will provide you with copies of all health tests of both parents if you wish to have them. As obliged by the Belgian law all kittens which are sold will be neutered except if the buyer has a Belgian HK number or if he/she lives abroad. Contractually you will have to agree that non-neutered kittens are not to be mated before the age of 1 year nor can they be sold or passed on in any other way to any other person without our permission in which occurrence we reserve the right to buy the kitten back at purchase price.

The kitten’s FIFe pedigree will mention its ChipId. A corresponding ownership certificate will be delivered that mentions you as owner will be sent to you directly by our association Felis Belgica after the completion of the transfer.


G3 born 15 February 2024 from Asante of Bahir Dar and Ophelia vom Dosenmoor.

G2 born 12 February 2024 from Asante of Bahir Dar and Paepeghembos Elly.

G1 born 05 January 2024 from Asante of Bahir Dar and Mon Amour La Traa.

F born 24 February 2023 from Asante of Bahir Dar and Ophelia vom Dosenmoor.

E born 17 October 2022 from Cuba Giovanni Jr. and Mon Amour La Traa.

B born 17 March 2019 from Nepomuk von Porta Coeli and Xena Sunny Fox.

A born 17 March 2018 from Nepomuk von Porta Coeli and Xena Sunny Fox.