to our small scale family cattery of Somali cats.


24 September 2020: Today we collectedAlicia  in ‘s-Gravendeel (NL) at Marjon’s. She stayed 3 days with her boyfriend Ravi. In a few weeks we will know if it was successful.

21 August 2020: Today we collected Xena in Heiloo (NL) at Marielle’s. She stayed 4 days with her boyfriend Chumba.

24 July 2020: A very sad day for our small cattery. We had to have our blue Somali euthanized. Irma, a PKdef sufferer, developped a severe liver dificiency which couldn’t  be treated anymore. Dear Irma rest in peace in the heaven for cats.

29 April 2020: Today was a bad day in cattery Paepeghembos.  Already since a week we did not feel Alicia’s kittens moving. And because she did not display any intentions of giving birth we did arranged an appointment at the veterinary clinic.  Verdict: After 67 days of pregnancy Alicia’s baby’s  were diagnosed dead in the womb. An urgent cesarean was performed.

3 April 2020: Today we had a pregnancy ultrasound done for Xena and Alicia. Alicia is pregnant. Xena not. Because of the corona measures we will have to wait and see when Xena can cross the border to visit her favourite sire.

25 Februari 2020: Today we collected Alicia in Bazoches-lès-Bray (FR). She stayed with the beautiful  Sorrel male Helliopsis of Catherine.

9 Februari 2020: Today we collected Xena in Heiloo (NL) at Marielle’s. She stayed a week with her boyfriend Chumba.

5 August 2019: I collected Alicia in Neumünster (DE). The mating with Dante was not successful. Dante got ill and will be operated on 7 August to remove intestinal tumor.

27 July 2019: Today I brought Alicia to Dante, a fabulous sorrel sire of the Dosenmoor cattery of Babara and Mario in Neumünster (DE).

7 July 2019: Alicia obtained her 3rd CAGCIB in Bouchain (FR) and is now Grand International Champion.  Xena obtained her 2nd CAGCE, was elected BIV but lost the BIS election against a beautiful Ragdoll.

6 July 2019: Berkana moved to her new home at Tanja’s in Oudenbosch (NL).

15 June 2019: Billy nicknamed: Spirou moved to his new home at Annie’s & Marnix’s in Lochristie (BE).

8 June 2019: Bonifacio moved to his new home at Muriel’s in Dilbeek (BE) where he joins his 4 new friends.

5 May 2019: Alicia obtained two CAGCIB  and was proposed BIS today in Geel (BE).

27 April 2019: Alicia obtained her third CACIB  and was proposed BIS in Liège on 7 April and proposed BIS today in Saint-Andre-lez-Lille (FR).

17 March 2019: A very exciting night in Vlierzele Paepeghembos. Xena’s B litter is born. 1 sorrel boy, 1 ruddy boy  and 1 ruddy girl.

9 January 2019: Xena is visiting Chumba at Marielle’s in Heiloo (NL).

8 December 2018: Xena obtained her third CACE and was proposed BIS in Letmathe (DE).

18 November 2018: Xena obtained her second CACE and was proposed BIS. Alicia was chosen Best in Variety today in Douai (FR).

4 November 2018: Xena obtained her third CAGCIB and Alicia was chosen Best of Color and proposed Best in Show today in Geel (BE).

21 October 2018: Xena obtained her second CAGCIB and was chosen BIS. Alicia was chosen BIS and BOB in Zandhoven (BE).

16 September 2018: Xena obtained her third CACIB and Alicia was chosen Best of Color and Best in Show today in St. Niklaas (BE).

30 June 2018: Adam & Alex have moved to their new “personnel” Chiara and Eric in Delft (NL).

29 June 2018: Agatha has moved to her new friend Isa at Sigrid’s in Assen (NL).

17 June 2018: Today our litter A1 was nominated Best Overall litter at the cat show in Westerlo (BE).

29 April 2018: The DNA tests results of Alicia have arrived. All OK. She will live with us in Paepeghembos.

17 March 2018: A very exciting day in Vlierzele Paepeghembos. Xena’s babies are born. 2 boys and 2 girls.

10 January 2018: Xena is visiting Chumba at Marielle’s in Heiloo (NL).

18 November 2017: Xena obtained her third CAC today in Kortrijk (BE). She is Champion now.

4 September 2017: Irma has been neutered today.

22 August 2017: The DNA tests results of Xena have arrived. All OK.

9 July 2017: Xena has arrived in Belgium.

1 July 2017: Our cat shelter is finished. See the photo gallery.

18 April 2017: We received Xena’s rabies blood titer test result. All OK.  From June 2017 she can travel to Belgium.

31 March 2017: The DNA tests results of Irma have arrived. She is a PkDef Sufferer. Hence she will be excluded from breeding and be sterilized. She will live with us as our house cat.

18 March 2017: Today the veterinary collected a blood sample from Xena to determine her rabies titre. If all turns out OK she will move to Belgium in June.

8 March 2017: I went last Monday to collect Irma in Kharkov (UA). Yesterday she had her last check up in the national vet clinic. Today was a bit stressful for her, 2 taxi drives, 2 flights and a car journey. She is now in Belgium. At present doing reconnaissance in the house.

1 February 2017: Xena Sunny Fox our second Somali kitten, a ruddy girl has arrived in Kharkov (UA) at Iryna’s. We will have to be patient as  it will take yet another 4 months before she can travel to Belgium.

10 January 2017: We managed to reserve a second somali kitten.  This time in cattery Sunny Fox in Dnipro (UA).

27 December 2016: We received Irma’s rabies blood titer test result. All OK.  From March 2017 she can travel to Belgium.

15 November 2016: Gyacinth Irma, our first Somali kitten, a girl has arrived in Charkov (UA) at Iryna’s. We will start immediately doing the paperwork for her to move to Belgium.

4 November 2016: The whole of October we spend searching on the internet, mailing and calling breeders. We first looked in Belgium, then in Germany, in the Netherlands and in France. Finally we managed to reserve a kitten in cattery Gyacinth in Alchevsk (UA). A blue female.

1 October 2016: After long debate within the family we decided to start up a small scale Somali cattery.


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